2013 Tour

Timothy Mousseau Lecture Tour – 7 Cities in Late July 2013
What Swallows Have Taught Us – Ecological impact in Chernobyl and Fukushima

Tokyo July 29, 13:00 at House of Representatives Admin Bldg, Nagata-cho, Admission 800 yen – Hiroshi Okayama, MD will comment 東京の詳細と予約
Osaka July 25, 18:30 at L-Osaka, Temmabashi, Admission 700 yen – Aileen Mioko Smith of Green Action will join as interpreter & Yurika Hashimoto, MD, will comment 大阪の詳細と予約
Nagoya July 27, 14:00 at Chubu Univ. Nagoya Campus, Admission is free thanks to donations from local organizations – Aileen Mioko Smith of Green Action will join as interpreter 名古屋の詳細と予約
Koriyama July 30, 18:30 at Rodo Fukushi Kaikan, Admission is free thanks to generous donations – Hiroshi Okayama, MD will comment 郡山の詳細と予約
Shizuoka July 23, 13:30 at Azalea, Admission 500 yen, Prof. Haga will talk about the difference between ecology as science and ecology as grass-roots activism 静岡の詳細と予約
Hamaamatsu July 23, 18:30 at Create Hamamatsu, Admission 500 yen, Dr. Setsuko Kanaya will comment 浜松の詳細と予約
Otsu July 26, 18:00 at Yu-Yu Kan, Admission 1,000 yen, 大津の詳細と予約

Reservation required. Please email to lively.spring2012@gmail.com or call 090-1736-5974 to reserve your seat.

Prof. Mousseau presented on July 8th, at a conference in Chicago
Kyodo distributed this article, which appeared most Japanese newspapers on the following day, including中日新聞・The Chunichi



July 23 – Shizuoka 13:30 & Hamamatsu 19:00
July 25 – Osaka, 18:30 L-Osaka
July 26 – Otsu, 18:00 Yu-Yu Kan
July 27 – Nagoya, 14:00 Chubu University Nagoya Campus
July 29 – Tokyo, 13:00 House of Representatives Admin Bldg
July 30 – Koriyama, 18:30 Labor & Welfare Center

For details in Japanese, please go to this page

Prof. Timothy Mousseau, Univ. of South Carolina (biology department)
is the world’s only biologist who has conducted extensive researches in Chernobyl (14 years) and Fukushima (2 years).
His studies on barn swallow are introduced in “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe on People and Environment.”

Japanese translation of the book

The original study by Prof. Mousseau is found here
Prof. Mousseau’s bio is here
French documentary film that was broadcast on NHK

Prof. Mousseau is in about 3:00 to 8:00


The Japanese TV station TBS has been covering his field work in Fukushima since last year. and the news video had over 100,000 accesses, but was unfortunately deleted June 2013.


Prof. Mousseau’s presentation at the Fukushima symposium in New York on March 11, 2013, hosted by the Helen Caldicott Foundation


BBC and other media coverage of Prof. Mousseau can be found here

His books have been published by Oxford Univ. Press, etc.

Mousseau, T.A. and C.W. Fox. 1998. Maternal Effects As Adaptations. Edited volume. Oxford University Press.more

Mousseau, T.A., B. Sinervo, and J. A. Endler. 2000. Adaptive Genetic Variation in the Wild. Edited volume. Oxford University Press. more